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Advice my mother gave me when I started getting proposals....

Don't expect your marriage to be a bed of roses, everything is not always romantic and like being in the 

movies, you need to wake up and look around look at the real world.

Don't expect to get everything you had in your fathers home, because everyone's not the same. You might 

have had whatever you wanted here but once you get married, your husband might not be able to give it to 


If he asks will you stay with my mum, don't shoot him down and say no, consider it as you love your parents

 and want your brothers to look after us, he's doing the same. By getting married don't expect him to leave 

his parents for you, if he does don't bother coming home you broke up one family and we did not bring you 

up this way.

When I married your father he had nothing, just a monthly salary of R50 and I came from a wealthy family,

 but we made do with everything that he had. Look at us today we are never short of anything.

So my daughter with sabr, and respect for your husband, not demanding things from him, Allah will give you 

happiness. Treat your extended family the way you would want your brothers extended family to treat us. 

Once you understand this you are ready for marriage and we as your parents will happily give you to some 

one who will love you, look after to, cherish you and most of all be happy with you.

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